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1.7.2018 - 31.8.2018 - Summer Holidays

17.9.2018 - 14.12.2018 - Classes in Fall Semester 2018/2019

27.9.2018 - Dean's Day

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Foundation of Centre for People with Disabilities (CPD)

CPD was founded at University of Economics in Prague in 2007 thanks to developer project of Ministry of Education in 2007. CPD’s services accepted current needs of students with disability who had already studied and they had overcome barriers dealing with their disability, especially, thanks to willing uninversitys” employees who had accomodated individually. Unfortunately, successfully passing first several semesters did not guarantee finishing the study, because they could have met with unsolvable problem dealing with disability which would not enable them. The most frequent disability at University of Economics in Prague is visually impairment, therefore the equipment and services has been chosen based on those needs. Main target is to provide support and help students with diability in various areas by their study, for example electronic study materials, guidance services and others. As soon as CPD began to work, interest in study at University of Economics in Prague has increased even among people with physically disability and hearing impairment. That meant services has been extended according to current needs of students with disabilities.